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  Come and find out if you're cut out for getting into radio dj presenting and hosting programmes. Come and see if you're able to make a programme and operate a control mixing desk. Radio presenting is fun, and hosting programmes in some cases can pay very well but the only real reason to get into radio, either presenting or producing is because you have a passion for it.

In order to make a career in radio you'll need to find out if you can convert your creative ideas into broadcasting formats. Our radio training courses take place in Staplehurst Kent UK and open to all ages. 1 Day 250 (no vat to pay). You'll learn your first steps in radio presenting and experience the feel of radio too with a super tutor - that's me Rod Lucas :) These radio presenter courses also work as experience days too as a gift for someone.

  Our radio courses are for people of all ages groups who want an experience in what's  required in order to getting into the BBC or commercial radio in the UK. We start by teaching you how to mix your ideas into a radio format and focus on how to use radio equipment to put in sound form.

in radio one is always learning how to make the best programmes and do things differently. Whether new music or mixed programming, the broadcast profession changes all the time. We strive to make interesting and entertaining programming.
  With our learning programme you'll learn how to do all the above things. You'll also find out:    
  How to interview, how to use studio equipment, how to generate original content, how the law applies to broadcast media, why you need to be 1 step in front of the listener, how to make entertaining programmes, how to produce award winning formats    
  So if you want to join us for a radio experience day and learn radio too, simply e mail and let's get you booked in.

1 Day 250 (no vat to pay on all prices quoted)
2 Days 500
3 Days 700

  We start at 10am and finish at 3pm. Weekend courses are 100 more. Bring your voice and we'll see what you're made of.    


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